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Data security is the first and fundamentally most neglected stage of the electrical recycling process by the majority of our competitors. We offer a data erasure only service either at our premises or yours anywhere in the world. If a company’s senior management wished to redeploy their mobile phones to junior staff, we can provide them with complete data security and total peace of mind.

We work with external certified data wiping company Blancco, and data security academics in developing our methods to fight against the ever increasing mobile security threats whilst developing our own in house solutions.

As part of our recycling process all handsets and IT devices received are subject to fully comprehensive data destruction procedures by Blancco. As a client you can choose which of their packages suits your specific needs.

When you use one of our data cleansing services you will receive a tracking number and a certificate. This is to give you the control and peace of mind, knowing all your previous data can no longer be recovered.

If we are unable to cleanse the data from your equipment, and you so wish, we will provide you with a certificate of destruction, which confirms that your device has been fully destroyed and the data cannot be recovered.



Blancco are a worldwide certified system and global industry authority in data cleansing, it is the most celebrated and trusted brand in the data wiping industry.This program eliminates the risk of unintentional data leaks by providing maximum security and fail-proof audit trails.

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How The Process Works

The Process