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We can provide straightforward and trouble-free electronic recycling solutions, which are both rewarding to your business and the environment. Millions of devices are thrown away every year, we want to change this and give you the opportunity to do the same. Our recycling services support a wide range of clients, from businesses to the public sectors, which has given us experience in an array of industries and allows us to tailor our solutions for each individual client.

We have been in business since 1999, during which time we have established a host of long term relationships across the globe that allow us to facilitate electronic disposal orders of any size and deliver a better return on your redundant equipment than our competitors. Additionally, we get the funds raised to you or your chosen charity in the fastest time possible, using the Faster Payments system. This often leads to complete turnaround times of 24-36 hours, from receipt of your equipment to funds being made available.

Our Recycling Facility

Our purpose built 1 acre facility has state of the art security, including biometrics and airport style detectors that ensure the security of your devices once they enter our premises. Because of this, we are able to confidently say that we have never had a data leak and data destruction requests are always completed to the highest and standards.

Once your equipment enters our building, it is entered into our database and tracked as it makes its way through the relevant departments, on its way to be recycled. All clients are provided with access to real time updates of where each individual device is at any given time, making the entire recycling process as smooth as possible.

Account Management

All of our clients are given a dedicated account manager, who will be able to talk you through the mobile or laptop recycling process, step by step. This will give you a single point of contact for all of your questions or concerns throughout the process, making tracking and reporting a much simpler task.

Making Sure You Meet Your CSR Objectives

Being socially aware is an unavoidable factor businesses have to consider in this day and age. With 26 years experience, our aim is to provide you with ethical, sustainable and pioneering recycling services that work for both the environment and your business. We are also driven to make a significant difference to the living conditions of people residing in the poorest districts in the world.

Sustaining Electrical Devices

Sustainability is a word companies in our sector hear every day, it defines our industry and all that accompanies it . Our precedence is to recover and reuse phones and IT devices with negligible impact on the environment. Our service allows potentially lethal handsets to be securely disconnected from the waste chain.

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